What steps are taken for the protection of GDAX trading?

What steps are taken for the protection of GDAX trading?

The method of trading that includes government body permission and works legally for the people is a coin base. When it was introduced to the people, only buying and selling of crypto currencies are allowed. But with the passage of time and increase of its popularity in the market the company decided to enhance its features by adding different trading tools in it and give the name gdax. It allows only four crypto currencies for exchanging and they are promising to their traders that they will add some more currencies very soon for trading. Because of large customers added in the last few years to this trading system, the creators of the coin base and GDAX are eager to increase a coin list for their project of crypto currencies.

Currencies for exchange

 The four currencies who are allowed for exchanging in its system are BIT COIN, ETHERIUM, LITE COIN, and BIT COIN CASH. This system permits the real-world currency for trading which may be a big factor for the people to use it. But a drawback with this system is that when someone wants to exchange any coin rest of those four, they are not allowed to do. In the market, there are more than a hundred different coins exists, for exchanging of these different coins a trader have to move towards different exchanger for trading.

With the safety purpose of each transaction, the company keeps the device ready, right from the beginning. They regularly worked on the safety issue for each transaction by adding a high-level security feature in the system. They provide their customers with a unique-id before starting any transaction. The money they will release after 48 hours after your request in the case when you decided to keep money in the vault. A hacker has no method to break the security levels.

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