What are the benefits one can obtain from Melanotan ii 10mg?

What are the benefits one can obtain from Melanotan ii 10mg?

Melanotan ii is famously also known as the ‘Barbie Drug’ and is usually used for tanning the skin. This drug reduces the risk of cancer which can be caused due to the harmful UV radiation from the sun. Also, if you are one of those people who want to get some amazing tan on your skin but do not want to sit in the sun then Melanotan ii 10mg is the perfect option for your needs. With this drug, the tanning of your skin gets promoted quicker.

What are the major perks of using Melanotan?


  • User-friendly: When you start using this product, it is pretty simple and easy to go about with it. You should go for a consultation with a doctor and know what will be the appropriate dosage to start with. If not you can take 0.25 mg initially and increase it to 1.5mg gradually which will leave you with a deeper tan on your body.
  • There are no harsh side effects: another thing you might be worried about are the side effects of this product. Well, fear not as there are lesser side effects from Melanotan. In case there are some side effects then they will include flushing, loss of appetite and mild headaches.
  • Weight loss: yes, with this, you can also lose weight. You will get tanned and lose weight. Isn’t this a great benefit for the heavier lot of people out there? Due to the suppression of your appetite, you will have a major weight loss.
  • The risk of getting skin cancer is reduced: lying in the sun for long hours is not healthy these days. With all the pollution and harmful UV rays, you might end up getting skin cancer. Apart from this, direct sun rays can cause a lot of other damage to your skin. But with Melanotan, these skin risks are reduced. You should opt for injections as they have lasting effects of tan and they also appear quickly.

You can check out the various Melanotan products that are easily available online. Get the one that you prefer using and get the desired results quickly. The tan obtained from this product is long-lasting and you do not have to worry about any side effects.

Also, this drug can easily be availed online. It is available in forms that include an oral and nasal form of applications. Also, it is considered that the injection form tends to show better and effective results of tanning on the skin of your body. The results obtained from the usage of this drug last for a long period. Your body skin will glow brighter and you will look more attractive than ever!

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