What Are Pimple Scabs And How To Treat Them

What Are Pimple Scabs And How To Treat Them

Pimple scabs are not very pleasant. Getting rid of them can be a great challenge. Maybe you popped it or it gave away on its own. Usually, the redness and the swelling are fading at this point but there will be discolored and raised scabs that are as frustrating as pimples. You would want the scabs to go away as soon as possible but treating them wrongly can worsen it.

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How To Keep The Pimple Scabs Away

When treating pimple scabs, make sure that you do it with care by keeping it clean most of the time to speed up the healing process. Here are the things you can do on your own in order to stop your pimple scabs from getting worse:

  • Keep It Clean. It is important that you wash the area twice a day using an antibacterial soap or a very good acne cleanser. These are available locally in your pharmacy. You can use a soft and clean washcloth to gently cleanse it in a circular motion. Use warm water when rinsing away the soap and pat it dry with a clean washcloth as well. This is very important since bacteria can be easily transmitted when using a used washcloth and can trigger new pimples to appear.
  • Never Touch It. When we have something going on in our face, the tendency is, we touch it more often. The secret is to not pick off the scab even if it is ready to come off. When you pick on it, the healing process will be delayed and possibilities of forming a scar are high. Avoid touching the affected area or scratching the area around it.
  • Speed Up The Healing Process. Moist will help improve the blood flow to the affected area. You can apply a visha skincare for five minutes twice a day. Remember to use a clean washcloth every time you do this.
  • Dry It Out. Applying a topical cream twice a day after you cleanse the skin. This can help dry out the scabs. Using a cream that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can speed up the healing process and dry out the area.

The recovery speed of pimple scabs will depend on the depth and the severity of the wound. Removing it before it is even healed and ready to come off can worsen the issue. It can reopen the wound and can worsen the infection. Just be patient. Follow the tips mentioned above and let it heal on its own.

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