The Advantages of Rubber Washers You Need to Remember

The Advantages of Rubber Washers You Need to Remember

Washers play a vital role in any application. It is important for your next project even if they look small. Washers can evenly spread the load of a bolt or nut. Washers can also be seen as spacers, wear pads, locking devices, and it can minimize vibrations generated by machines.

Washers are a thin round-like plate with a hole in the middle. Washers have three types – plain washers, spring washers and locking washers. Plain washers are also called flat washers; they function by evenly spreading a load of a bolt or nut thereby preventing damage on the surface. The spring washers are known for its axial flexibility; it can prevent loosening because of strong vibrations. Finally, locking washers work like spring washers. In fact, locking washers are regarded as a sub-type of spring washers.

These washers can be found in Round Flat Washer Supplier near you. When you buy, you have to note that it is made of different materials. The most common type of material used is steel. However, it is prone to corrosion that is why these days, many people consider rubber washers. Here are the advantages of rubber washers:

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Rubber washers are durable

When you look closely, rubber washers outlast metal washers in many applications. This is because rubber washers are resistant to the effects of condensation. Therefore, it is best for plumbing and Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning systems. Aside from these applications, you often see rubber washers in swimming pools and boats. It is basically water-resistant.

Rubber washers are flexible

Rubber washers are also flexible compared to metal washers. Since it is flexible, it allows the fasteners to be secured tightly. With this, it can be used to prevent leaks, especially in plumbing systems. Rubber washers are also ideal for applications that need slight contraction or expansion. Foam washers can also expand or contract but they will deteriorate rapidly.

Rubber washers are corrosion-resistant

Metal washers can rust if it is exposed to moisture. If the rust is there, it can damage the overall application any time. Rubber washers are resistant to fluids even moisture. This makes it ideal for plumbing and other applications that experience condensation.

Rubber is a good insulator

Rubber is lightweight and it is a good insulator of electricity and heat. This is important for delicate applications involving electricity and temperature. Aside from that, rubber is also non-abrasive. This means that there are no scratches on other materials it is near to.

Without a doubt rubber washers are ideal but you have to be informed about the applications that do not favor rubber washers. If the application involves high-temperatures, rubber washers should not be used because it can melt the material leaving the joints exposed. You have to remember that the rubber does not take intense temperature changes very well. Exposing the rubber material to cold and hot temperatures will lead to expansion and contraction causing deformation. You can choose to change rubber washers every now and then but for such applications, it is practical to use other types of materials.

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