How to Handle Diaper Changes Like a Pro

How to Handle Diaper Changes Like a Pro

When you have an infant in the family, you certainly can’t ignore the inevitable diaper change. It may not be an activity you adore, however, you can surely prepare for it like a pro. First of all, to recognize that it’s already time to change do not depend on smell alone for cues. A few accurate ways of checking diapers are pulling the waistband or your baby’s leg to look if it’s soiled, inspect the diaper if it’s heavy, or examine your baby’s nappies before or after a nap.

In any case, once you confirm the diaper is full immediately change it to avoid chafing and diaper rash. Interestingly, one good way of handling this messy activity is to set up a practical diaper changing table. Below are a few more tips on how to handle diaper changes like a pro:

practical diaper changing table

Designate a spot for the diaper change

It is highly recommended that you handle diaper change in a designated area. Whether you prefer to set up a baby changing station or tend to do it on the floor, ensure that changes are done in the same spot every time. This way germs coming from the soiled diaper will be confined in one area.

While there may be instances that you can’t do this activity in your designated area, make it a point to never change diapers on kitchen counters. You wouldn’t wish to spread germs on the place where you eat or prepare your food.

Prepare the essentials

Before starting with the nappy change, whether you are in your changing station or on the floor, see to it that you have all the essentials within your reach. If you have a changing station set up, make sure a day’s worth of diapers, creams, moisturizers, and wipes are accessible to you.

On the other hand, if you prefer to change on the floor, you can stack your essentials on a nearby basket or drawers. Doing it this way will prevent you from leaving your baby on the table and reducing risks of fall incidents. Similarly, it will lessen chances of spreading germs throughout your house.

Place a diaper pail nearby

Same as with the other essentials, it will be beneficial if you place a diaper pail near your designated changing area or your diaper changing table. If you handle diaper changing duties on a changing station and you need to dispose of the soiled nappies in the bathroom, you increase risks of spreading germs and fall accidents.

Meanwhile, you can opt to situate a diaper pail, odor-sealing trash can, or a foot pedal bin near you or under your baby changing station for security purposes.

Be ready with distractions

Knowing that diaper change with your baby is a struggle, make it a point that you have a couple of your little ones favorite toys in your designated changing area. When your infant squirms or struggle while you are still in the middle of changing, hand him or her the toy for distraction.

Being ready with distractions will not only quicken the changing process but also reduce chances of you scattering the baby mess.

Remember to wash hands

Keep in mind that hand washing is still the best practice. Though you may not notice that your little one touched the diaper, it is still advisable to wash your baby’s hands after each diaper change.

Meantime, if the sink is not nearby you can apply hand sanitizers instead. Just remember to place the sanitizer away from your baby’s reach.

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