FastpitchBats That Guarantee Winning Performance

FastpitchBats That Guarantee Winning Performance

A softball game is one of the most adventuresome and thrilling sports of the world. However, playing it to win requires not only fitness and skill but also the choice of the right equipment. What kind of softball bat you use determines your performance to a great extent. In case you require a fastpitch bat, you must be aware of the products available in the market and their features. The quality of your fastpitch bat is directly proportional to the level of performance you can deliver in the field. So, consider and weigh your options before buying one. Here are some fastpitch bats that can be your companion to success.

best composite fastpitch softball bats

Louisville Slugger 2018 LXT -10 Fast Pitch Bat

Manufactured by Louisville, the Louisville Slugger 2018 LXT-10 requires no introduction and has been designated as one of the best composite fastpitch softball bats of this year. This fastpitch bats combines quality and reliability with classy look. Constructed using premium-grade composite material incorporating PBF Barrel System in the barrel and designed according to patented Tru3 technology, this bat successfully prevents feedback vibrations on the handle. This helps in swinging the bat easily and smoothly while playing. Also, the light-weight X-cap covering provides great speed to the swing of the bat.

DeMarini 2018 CFX -11 Fast Pitch Bat Tu Day

A product of DeMarini, theDeMarini 2018 CFX is also one of the best balanced fastpitch bats of this season. Equipped with a Paraflex Composite Barrel design, its barrel offers immense flexibility and great ease of hitting softballs. It is light-weight and incorporates 3-Fusion Handle technology. This brings in this fastpitch bat high-performance features, such as superior grip, low feedback vibration on handle, smooth whip and flex and great swing speeds. It has a two-piece design joining barrel and handle. By buying this you get a bat certified for USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA and ISF along with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Mizuno Ghost 2018 (-10) 340443 Fastpitch Softball Bat

A superbly-designed product of Mizuno, the Mizuno Ghost 2018 can take you to victory with its 2.25 inch Black-onyx carbon barrel. Incorporating Power Ring technology, the barrel has double-wall construction and it joins stiff carbon handle using 2-piece link technology. This fastpitch bat is certified for use in ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA and ISF matches and is known for its killer performance. It also features a limited one-year warranty from Mizuno.

These are few top fastpitch bats that can guarantee success if you have enough flair and sense of playing the softball game. If you have a game season coming ahead this year, investing in these products can be a good idea.

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