Battery isolators- A hybrid technology

Battery isolators- A hybrid technology

Battery isolators are electric devices that divide DC current to flow only in one direction for each battery. The main benefit of such arrangement is the potential to charge multiple batteries from a single source at the same time. The battery isolators are creatively designed with hybrid technology and ultra-modern techniques. The technology design is created in a ways to match with most of the vehicle models and various truck brands. This would ensure maximum protection and charging capabilities.

The battery isolator helps in discarding auxiliary power packs and lets the secondary battery to get charged by an alternator output. This hybrid technology enables the owner of a car to drive at ease with nothing left to worry. Families can enjoy driving their cars for long hours using such battery isolators.

Types of battery isolators

There are two types of battery isolators – solenoid also known as relay and the other is diode. The diodie battery unites two high current diodes in a heat stink.

Diodie battery – This battery isolator joins two high current diodes in a heat stink. The diodie battery is maintenance free and lasts for long. At times, most of the diode-based isolators go through voltage loss, resulting in the inability to charge as high a voltage when they are connected to a vehicle alternator. The highly advanced battery isolators include an extra terminal which is used to control the flow of current through the isolator.

Solenoid Battery–this type of battery isolators make use of high and large current relays to control the flow of electric current through the isolator. Solenoid battery is not as reliable as diodie battery isolator and this can lead to frequent replacement.

Use of battery isolators

These battery isolators are commonly used in recreational vehicles, utility vehicles, airplanes, trucks and boats. All these vehicles run on batteries where one battery is used to start and run the engine and the other battery or batteries run certain accessory loads. Battery isolators help to make sure that the first enabled battery has enough power to start the engine and recharge the batteries. Battery isolators are also used on big vehicles, off road vehicles and high-power car stereos to accommodate high loads of current such as a recovery winch.

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