A Packing Guide for Family Camping

A Packing Guide for Family Camping

If you are looking for a family activity this coming summer, you should not miss camping. Camping is an ideal way of accomplishing many fun and exciting things like fishing, swimming, canoeing, and hiking. It will be an ideal family vacation. Aside from that, camping is beneficial to the family’s health.

The family can get fresh air after setting up the tent and moving belongings. The presence of trees is therapeutic. Camping also encourages a great deal of exercise. The family can decide to swim, play, hike, fish and many more. These exercises are good for the heart and lungs. Finally, camping allows the family to break away from the chaos of city-life and enjoying the simplicity of nature.

Without a doubt, camping presents many health benefits. To make the activity successful, you have to ensure that all the things you need are packed. You need a camping checklist to make your camping much more enjoyable and comfortable. Here are the things that you need for your highly anticipated family camping:

Car camping
If the family enjoys camping at the same time four-wheel drive touring, it is essential to have a portable fridge. You need to ensure that there is plenty of reserve battery power to keep it running whilst your vehicle is parked. You can consider a dual battery isolator. This battery can power different accessories including lighting, stereos and other electrical components.

When you plan to be away from the base camp, you need to carry important things. The items that you will carry will depend on the type of activity you will be doing that day. If you like to take photographs, you should bring your camera. If you learned that there is a possibility of raining, you should carry your raincoat. If you are in a hot area, you should carry extra water. For the children, do not forget to bring snacks.

First aid kit
The most important thing to carry is the first aid kit. By bringing first aid kit, you are preparing yourself for minor or major mishaps. Do not forget to pack important medications especially for the kids. You do not want to rush home or to the hospital because you forgot about it. There should be two first aid kits – the one you will carry everywhere you go and the other left in the car or base camp.

Survival kit
You should see survival kit as insurance – you have it but you do not plan on needing it. Having a survival kit can ensure that your days will be far from disastrous moments. If you are camping at the commercial campground, you won’t need that much. However, if you choose remote campground or mountainous areas, every family member should carry a basic survival kit, especially when going away from the camp.

Repair kits
Just to prepare for any repairs especially when fixing tents and lanterns, you should carry around a small repairs kit or toolkit. Do not forget to consider sewing kit and even canoe repair kits.

If you are bringing the family, the prospect of gearing up is surely daunting. You will be always worried but with the right checklist, you can cover everything and ensure that the activity is successful and fun.

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