Your Guide to Choosing the Right Suit Color

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Suit Color

Businessmen often overlook the color of their clothing thinking that it is unnoticeable. Most do not realise that the color they choose to wear can have a dramatic effect on how others perceive them. In other words, the color of your suit matters – whether you are meeting with your customers or your employees.

Color is just as important as the suit’s fit and cut. It is time that you give attention to the color of your Combatant Gentlemen suit. Here’s a guide to choosing the right suit color:

Navy denotes power
Navy is actually considered the power color and it denotes authority. By wearing navy-colored suits, you will be perceived as a leader of authority or an expert in a particular field. You may notice that people use navy suits for public speaking and important presentations.

Combatant Gentlemen

Charcoal creates a trustworthy image
Charcoal colors are ideal for finance professionals like bankers, CPAs, financial planners, and sales professionals. It exudes trustworthiness and it shows that you are the pillar of the community or the best in your job. Wear charcoal suit when asking for an investment or when asking for a sales order.

Earth tones build rapport
If you want to build harmonious understanding with your team or customers, you should opt for earth tone suit. It is important to wear earth tones if you want to look approachable or if you want to get on well with another person. Earth tones will also encourage easier communication. People get the most compliments when they opt for earth tone suits.

Blue and gray hues for loyalty
For dependability and loyalty, you should consider wearing blue and gray hues. The hues are ideal for traveling. To convey a good work ethic, blue and gray hues are always appropriate. If you are meeting with your boss, you should wear blue and gray hues.

Black is the most formal color
Combatant GentlemenYou have to know that black is your most formal color. Like navy, black also denotes authority and power. If you want things to go your way, you should wear black. Black will surely intimidate your competitor and you ultimately outshine them. Black suits are ideal if you want to look fashionable.

Black and white for confidence
For an average day, you can consider the black and white suit. There is nothing special going on but you still look good and exude confidence. Black and white colors are a good mix sending a message that you know how to dress.

With the color guide, you can dress well and appropriately whatever the occasion. If you want professional help when selecting your suit, you should not hesitate to seek one. You have to let them know how you want to be perceived by the people around you so you can send the message effectively.

You have to invest when it comes to the things that you wear because, at the end of the day, your image is everything in business. So, the next time you face your team or a bigger crowd, you know what to wear to convey the right message.

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