Having a professional resume writer at your side is an added advantage for any job seekers out there. They offer perfection to anyone’s resume which makes it very look good for any interviewer or employer making a person stand out from the sea of competitive applicants that wants to land that dream job.

A professional writer’s prepared resume and a cover letter do not only boast about your skill set and expertise in the job that you want to have. It also specifies the job that you want by pointing out key subjects and information that makes the interviewer feel interested that they will call you for an interview the next day after you submitted it to them.

professional resume

Although every one of us can create our own resumes, there are tons of templates which are mostly free on the internet; a professional resume writer’s job is simply outstanding which gives an average job seeker an edge over his or her fellow competitors. Also people hire professional resume writer due to the lack of time, or just simply wants to gain an edge to boost their chances to land the job they want.

In this article, let me discuss the pros and cons about hiring a professional resume writer so that you can weigh in on your decision whether to hire one or not.


  • In terms of quality, hiring a professional resume writer is an added advantage considering that the trend in Human Resource (HR) nowadays is to play the waiting game for their preferred job applicant comes right to their doorstep. HR officers are always intricate when it comes to reviewing their job applicant’s resumes. They want to hire a person who will meet their demands and can carry the work with quality output that’s why professional resume writers make sure that they will produce an output for their clients’ convincing enough for HR officers to give them an interview.
  • Professional resume writers are also expert in adapting the constant changes of companies’ constant changes of its qualifications to its applicants. Companies are continuing to expand its job descriptions to ensure that they’ll be hiring the perfect person for the job. Professional resume writers create impeccable grammar and writing skills which put their clients a cut above the rest for the job candidacy because of their ability to adapt to the constant changes of the companies’ job qualifications.
  • Also, professional resume writers are knowledgeable about the latest trends in different industries making them very flexible when it comes to their client’s demands. They’ll easily create you a very good resume regardless of what industry you’re trying to apply for a job. Some of them are experts in businesses or constantly studying different trends in industries to come up with fresh ideas to make their client’s portfolios look great every time.


  • One of the most notable disadvantages of hiring a professional resume writer is its cost. Most professional resume writers based their income in an hourly rate for their services. Some of them also include additional charges to their clients for consultation and added features to the resumes. As we all know most job seekers are not that financially stable and spending more money for these professionals is somehow impractical. There are also scammers out there who falsely claim as resume writers but they’re only there to scam unknowing victims.
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