What to Search for in a Probate Attorney

What to Search for in a Probate Attorney

Whether a person is named as a beneficiary or an executor of a loved one’s estate, a probate procedure varies  – as such, it could be simple to complex one. The parties involved (who usually has no idea on the process) often consult an experienced and competent attorney who will get them through the entire procedure without mistakes.

While attorneys generally provide advice to their clients, not all of them possess the same professional traits and qualities that make them suitable for the job. This encourages new clients to understand the differences between a fake from a real one.

Attributes of a Lawyer

If you are looking for an attorney to help you through everything, below are characteristics which you must look for.

Top 5 Most Wanted Attributes of a Lawyer Specialize in Probate

Knows how to Communicate

One of the most essential trait to search for an attorney is his/her interpersonal skill. How frequently does he/she communicate with you and other clients? Do you receive email alerts, phone calls and messages from him/her? Good attorneys are not only good at encouraging the clients to invest in their service. They too are serious at helping by answering your questions dutifully and responding to your urgent situation and concerns without prolonged delays.

Well- rounded & Knowledgeable

While you need a lawyer who has courtroom experience and has courage, you still need to ensure that he or she has extensive knowledge and lengthy experience on probate. Ask possible candidates that you meet as to how many cases they managed in the past, and if complications occurred, how they’ve settled them and what solutions did they use.

A piece of advice. Don’t let the experience be a deciding factor. There are more things to learn about an attorney rather than his or her experience.

Willingness to Give a Hand

Many executors want to manage the probate procedures on their own because, in that way, they won’t have to invest money. An excellent and professional lawyer understands this concern. Even so, he or she would still provide little help to ensure that you get through the process, risk and mistake free. When you think that you can’t handle things on your own, accept help.

Offers Good Fee

When meeting with some lawyers, ask about their fees. That way, you’ll be financially prepared. You must also ask about how long the procedure would take to finish, as this might affect the fees along the way.


On top of the pain and sadness of losing a loved one, being named as a beneficiary adds to the stress. Consider choosing an attorney who deeply understands your situation and would step aside – if needed to.

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