Types of absorbents used during menstruation 

Types of absorbents used during menstruation 

Sanitary protection material is indeed based upon personal choice, economic status, cultural acceptability, and availability on the market. Along with the sanitation facilities you should have to use soap and menstrual absorbents to manage menstrual hygiene. Let us tell you that the absorbent difference between the rural and the urban women. In the urban areas, the women prefer commercial sanitary pads while in rural areas the women prefer reusable cloth pads. But apart from all this both kinds of women have to focus upon the recogida de residuos sanitarios as it should be reusable or nature friendly as well.

These are types of absorbents that you must have used during menstruation and it is easy for  recogida de residuos sanitarios as well:

  • Reusable and washable cloth pads 

You can use reusable cloth pads as it is very easy to maintain. But you have to take care of them properly, you should have to use clean water to wash them. Make sure that you put that in sunlight as it helps to kill the bacteria. It is cost-effective as well, any woman can afford it easily.

  • Reusable Tampons 

Instead of synthetic tampons, you can use reusable tampons. They are made up of natural materials like hemp, wool, bamboo, or cotton. These reusable tampons are inserted into the vagina and it absorbs the menstrual flow like the disposable tampons.

  • Menstrual cup 

If you are fed up with sanitary pads or tampons as you have to buy them frequently then menstrual cups are a good alternative to it. They are made up of medical-grade silicone rubber, it is very easy to insert it into your vagina and collect menstrual blood. After a specific time you have to put it out and wash it with clean water and then put it again. These are reusable and environmentally friendly, you just have to buy them twice and then can use them for months without any problem.

  • Bamboo fiber pads 

Let us tell you bamboo fiber pads have a high water-absorbing capacity and safer to use as well. It is easily available in the market and environment friendly as well. The good thing about it is that the bloodstain is not visible on it.

These are few points that will help you in choosing the good absorbent for yourself. These are biodegradable or easily decomposed, so make sure that you are using environment-friendly things for use. Otherwise, these small things can deeply affect this beautiful earth.

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