Top used cars in Bulgaria

Top used cars in Bulgaria

There has been noticed a range of Toyo brands that are really famous in the used car industry of Bulgaria. The second hand car market of Bulgaria declares a series of Toyota brands including Toyota SA, Toyota Noah and many more.

Toyota Noah

The specific range of Toyota brand is an eight seater and spacious cars introduced by Toyota. It has some great features along with sliding doors. Toyota Noah can be found in five seater version as well where the last seat row is missing. As it is a spacious van and is available in both versions, it has been considered to be the most sold used cars in Bulgaria.

used car industry of Bulgaria

Toyota Alphard G

It is a grand sized luxary car that come with 3.5 and 2.4 liters gasoline engine. It generally has electric motor. The Alphard G of Toyota is a greatly spacious car with more than one stylish features. Toyota has finely crafted and designed it for the users and therefore, it has been marked as one of the best used cars in Bulgaria.

Land Cruiser

Land cruiser is another invention by Toyota which is a middle sized car used in Bulgaria. The car is made on J150 platform of Toyota. It is a famous mid-sized car by Toyota which has acquired the market with its fashionable features.

Bulgarian cities where Japanese cars are famous

The second hand car market of Bulgaria is enormously occupied by the Japanese brand Toyota. There are several specific cities where the Japanese used cars have been accepted widely. These cities include Varna, Burgas, Sofia, Rousse, Pleven, Plovdive, Stara Zagora and many other cities.

The wide range of cars in the section of used car market has facilitated the citizens of the country to own cars of their dream in an affordable price, yet in a fabulous condition. In addition the series of Toyota cars has increased the percentage of profit gaining in the sphere of selling the used cars to the people of Bulgaria.

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