The Modern Way Of Saving The Olden Art Form

The Modern Way Of Saving The Olden Art Form

Today, people no longer contact with pen and paper. Their creativity is far way different than usual. People are more on developing technology advancement and creating a contemporary art form. It is somehow hard to find people who preserve the old art forms. There is only a few who still practice the traditional art making.  Logan Sekulow, a Nashville-based media entrepreneur, preserves the art form of a comic strip. He labeled this art as “funnies.”

He has launched the Laugh-O-Gram, a weekly family-friendly comic strip in the newspaper. Like in the olden days, these comic strips will be directly delivered through the mail. He made the strip with the combination of the contemporary and traditional art form. He shows the classic, new, and exclusive comic strips. Every strip coming to your home will include a blank strip where you can make your own comic strip.

Offering comics in modern days

Logan loves comic strips since he was little. Today, he has kids and he wanted to show them the beauty of the older arts. The world is getting advanced, where a newspaper is no longer a practice. You can have the news right in front of your TV screens. You can hear the updates thru the internet. Nowadays, almost everything goes on the internet. Yet for Sekulow, he wanted to bring back the newspapers thru his comics sent thru mail box. He wanted to bring up the “funnies” like he remembers when he was young. This is an inspiration for making back comic strips.

create comic strips

The comic strips play a big part in his childhood and it is something he wants to show to his kids. The funny pages will somehow commemorate those olden Sundays he used to have. He creates his comic strips in a modern way whilst saving the olden art form.

Bringing back printed pages

He was very inspired to create comic strips. Though, it isn’t certain yet on what comic type people will be expecting to see. He was sure to bring back the printed pages. This way, children of these days will be able to see their favorite cartoon on papers. He is particular in creating comics based on the classic characters. He opted to have  ‘Peanuts and Garfield’,  Family Circus and Beetle Bailey and more list. He will create some cool special sections set up under  Laugh-O-Gram. He works with the original stuff as well as brand new content, not as broad which everyone knows.

Logan has the creative artist in his comic strips. Although the idea is somewhat like of the traditional art form, his artist on board will make it in a modern way. It is fun to have the new art form as well as getting the classics as well.

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