The Luxurious Experience Of The Best Residences In Singapore

The Luxurious Experience Of The Best Residences In Singapore

Living in a condo gives you peace of mind. Most of the condo units in Singapore consists of progressive building security functions. The Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen Properties provide a strong security surveillance. The place has exercised the emergency systems for their living residences. It is the newly launched condo development in Singapore located in  Bukit Timah. This private residential estate offers the utmost privacy and serenity. If you are planning to have a unit, choose this place. You can have the best experience worthy of your cost.

Experience The Luxurious Ambiance

If you are planning to settle down, the Fourth Avenue can be your perfect choice. The place has the luxurious setting and offers the convenience at all times. The place is great that provides the best experience of living. The area has the facilities and amenities that meet your day-to-day needs.

residential estate offers

  • The residences provide an elegant and calm view. It has the best facilities and amenities to suffice the resident’s needs. You can enjoy its scenic view of the area. if you desire to avail one unit, the place can cater to you. The residences comprise of 445 housing units. It has the grossest floor area of approximately 359,065 sq.m.
  • Fourth Avenue gives you the happiness and calmness in the area. The units have an oozing classy design which is way better if you want a place to rest on. The place has the lush gardens and magnificent water features. It provides the most convenience that draws a bright future for the residents.
  • The place has the various amenities you can enjoy. Around the area is the Guthrie House where you can buy your daily necessities. The Grandstand is a distant venture and is a sight to behold. It is the leading lifestyle that offers a wide range of retailers and services.
  • The location of the place has everything. You can find the nearest supermarket and other establishments around the area. If you have kids, you can call and ask for a quick children services. They have the automotive and fitness services as well. You can find almost everything you need around the residences area.

If Fourth Avenue is your ideal place to live in,  register for show flats. You can assure to have the elegant residency in this prestigious and reputable place. The place is well surrounded by many restaurants, shopping malls, parks, and schools. This is way convenient in access to the public transportation system. You can have the best experience of your dream home.

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