There are many kinds of air compressors that are there depending on various factors and how they are used or manufactured for a specific task. All of these cater to the need to optimize production of help for a conducting a procedure, which requires the person to make use of the compressed air treatment. Which is widely used to save time and money. Compressors are also known as positive displacement machines. They are widely used because of the phenomenon they employ in increasing the pressure of the air and thereby reducing its volume. This helps in confining it in a finite space and the pressure within is extremely high, this done with the help of a piston within the cylinder.

Types of air compressors

The basic kinds comprised of

  • Reciprocating air compressor
  • Rotatory screw air compressor
  • Rotatory centrifugal air compressor

The compression stages play a huge role in determining the level of compression that has taken place and compression can vary according to the

Rotatory centrifugal air compressor

  • The cooling method employed if it is air water or oil used.
  • How the engine runs on motor, steam, engine or others.
  • The lubrication used.
  • Whether the air compressor is packaged or custom built.

There are is a single stage compressor and a two-stage compressor. You could get single-acting air compressors which allow for the compression to take place from one side of the piston and the two-side release will have the double acting compressor air treatment.

There are two kinds of compressed air processes

  • Energy air processes, this where the mechanical energy is stored and transmitted with the help of the compressed air process in turn for the pneumatic production equipment. Here the air helps
  • Operate the lathe chucks
  • Puts pressure for cleaning the parts
  • Helps cool the components
  • Active air processes, the need to have active air to be used for a certain process may be integral for a particular engine or task to be operative. The air quality is important in this case it can have an impact on the end product. Hence there are certain air compressors where even oil is not a good option for lubricating the system.

Places where compressed air equipment is used

  • Roller coasters right from brake application to passenger safety belts.
  • The tires are inflated by air compression in vehicles

There are many other uses for air compression.

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