The different way to clean an electric kettle

The different way to clean an electric kettle

Electric KattleAn electric kettle is the most convenient way to boil water or to brew tea. It helps us a lot in our daily chores of the life. It is very easy to make something in the kettle; however, it is similarly difficult to clean it. Look for glass kettle reviews to find the easiest cleaning kettle. If the appliance were not cleaned perfectly then over the time it would be covered with dust and bacteria. Here are the different ways of cleaning the kettle.

Vinegar solution

Using the vinegar can help to put out the build up in the kettle’s surface. Vinegar is an antioxidant that removes the residue from the surface. All you have to do is mix some amount of vinegar in water in equal quantities. Fill the vinegar solution into the kettle. Don’t overflow it, fill it just a few layers down from the brim. Then switch on the kettle and let the solution get heated up. Warm water would soften the lime stains in the surface. When the solution starts boiling, open the lead and let the solution soak the entire residue for minutes. After that pour out the solution and use the scrub to rub the interior of the little. This would surely remove all the stain from the kettle.

Use the lemon solution

Some kettle does not support vinegar; it spoils the surface of the kettle. Look for the glass kettle reviews here. If anything like that is mentioned in the manual then you can use the lemon solution as an alternative. This works the same a vinegar solution. Squeeze the lemon into a bowl and add water into it. Pour that in the kettle and let it boil for minutes and then leave it as it is for an hour. Dump the solution and use a hard scrub to clean the surface. Rinse the kettle and then boil some water to remove the taste of the lemon.

Electric KattleUse of baking soda

The baking soda or the lime can also be used. The process remains the same. Boil the solution for a few minutes and then leave it for half an hour and rinse it thoroughly.


Here is the basic cleaning process that you should try every time to keep the electric kettle best of its health.

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