Superb Technicality Of 8 Ball Pool Makes It Different

8 Ball Pool Guide

The technicality of the 8 ball pool game is better than any other game available in the grid. There may be some people who feel that the game is a sham, but I would say that they have not tried the latest yet. I found the game to be highly addictive and have all the features and game playing physics to make it more interesting than any other game of similar kind. I was asked to log in as soon as I booted up with several options of logging in. I could have signed using any social media account which I did not have.

I could sign in as a guest or through the original website of the developer, but I chose to sign in as a guest as it gave me an opportunity to access my friends. Doing so I had to simply sign up for a new account with them which was quick and easy as I only had to furnish my date of birth and my email address. After logging in as a guest, I was provided with a tutorial suggesting me about ways to make a single shot and then I was dropped out from the main menu of 8 ball pool.

I could play the 8 ball pool at random by choosing the option from the main menu, and when I did this, I was paired at random with an opponent player. The comparison and pairing are done by the inbuilt matchmaking algorithm of the game, and in most of the times in the later stages, I found that I was more or less paired with players having the same level and capability as me. When I played the multiplayer games, I found that unlike any other multiplayer games that can be played on iOS platform, their multiplayer level is played in real time basis, that is every time I had to avail my turn within thirty seconds of offer or else I lost the turn.

I found that the learning curve with the random players is very high as there are no tutorials, computer opponents or friends to assist in the way. I found that when I ran out of coins I was disallowed to play anymore and I had to wait for another thirty minutes to earn twenty-five free coins. I could also use real world money to buy 8 ball pool coins and get the eligibility to play, but I did not have to do either of this as I managed my resources very wisely.

This is one thing that is essential in this pool game, and therefore I made it a point to use the 8 ball pool guide tool often not only to get some advice on how to proceed but also to generate a unlimited number of coins. I was also allowed to refresh my coins every hour by twenty-five units for an unlimited time but I had to make sure to click on the free coin button at regular intervals. I also got a daily bonus of 250 coins which resets the timer at local time midnight.