Polygraph Tests – A know how of its uses

Polygraph Tests – A know how of its uses

There are innumerable benefits offered by Lie detector tests provided they are supported by professional examiners and modern equipment. Though sometimes the results may not be completely true, most of the times they offer maximum accuracy. They are particularly very beneficial to growing organizations and legal authorities during investigations. So, with multiple advantages, minute drawbacks of the lie detector test can be ignored.

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Uses of Polygraph Tests: These days Lie-detector tests are used in many ways to know the culprit and to open a new path in the investigation process. Some of them are:

  • When National Security is at stake: Under Law of the land many jurisdictions of many countries are relying on these tests when security and integrity of a nation are at question.
  • To know whether the person is a spy; whether he knows any secrets and to verify if he is a threat. There are many examples where many spies are subjected to Lie-detection tests to prove whether guilty or not.
  • In criminal and Civil Cases: When welfare of society or individual is at stake, the investigative agencies rely on these tests to prove that the suspects are indeed criminals or not.
  • In Child-trafficking, kidnapping and sexual offences: When children are kidnapped it becomes rather difficult for the police as small children’s lives would be at stake. Time is important factor in investigation. These tests save a lot of it when conducted on suspects and hence may save lives
  • In Relationships: Today’s world has deception at every level of social strata. Many spouses are relying on lie detections to know truth whether their partners are worthy living.
  • In Screening of High Security Jobs: When National Security agencies or High business positions require impeccable record of personal history for the candidates, these tests come to the rescue.

The lie detector test method of finding out the truth is a science in itself and the professional will definitely can find out the deceptive answers given. This method is widely used in investigative purposes and gathering of evidence so that truth may prevail and justice may be granted to the innocent.

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