Foretelling a person’s future, personality and fortune by reading their hands is Palmistry, and those who read are called Palmists, commonly fortune tellers. Palmistry is popular across the world and is practiced in many religions. Palmists predict future by reading hand lines, size, shape, finger, and fingernails to foretell about his or her’s personality, wealth, health, career, wisdom, marriage, and more aspects. Though Palmistry, magic and divination are three different aspects with different purposes, they share similar methods. Palmistry is predicting someone’s future, obtaining knowledge of future by attempting to predict information about someone’s life is divinationand practices that separate religion and science is magic.You can check for more details.Readings vary in women and men and it is true that both palms doesn’t show the same thing. Though both hands readings have their own significance, some palmists believe that they should consider reading right hand for females and left hand for males. One hand is dominant and the other is passive, and it is impossible to tell which is dominant. Usually right hand is dominant as it represents what you become after grown up, and, left hand is passive as it represents what you were born with.

Psychology behind Palmistry

Psychology behind Palmistry

Our hands reflects our personality, as human brain has control over our hands. Each part of our hand have pointers directed to nervous system. Palm Lines are waves of our sub-conscious mind and our thinking ability thus, helping palmists to read our personality by the way we think. Let’s say, deep and straight lines indicates a person positive thinking, considering it as good, where as numerous broken lines indicates a person’s negative thinking. Though, Palmistry, magic and divination have different purposes, all affects fears, strengths, and emotions of a person.

Palm reading a pseudoscience?

Many consider ancient palm reading as pseudoscience due to lack of research studies and one cannot rely on fortune teller predictions. Eventhough, a recent study shows that there is a link between palm lines and a person’s life, more research studies need to done in support of this art. Everyone have their own point of view on palmistry;most of them believe palmistry and divination helps them to arrange for future events by predictions, while, some argue, only a master with specialized knowledge of magic can predict future, and, some does not believe in palmistry and dismiss considering it as magic.

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