Overview of tension control bolts (TCB’s)

Overview of tension control bolts (TCB’s)

The utilization of tension control bolts takes place a huge popularity in the current society today. It is really easy, secure and safe in terms of installing. A single person is enough to install it easily and can easily tighten joints. You can check whether the joints can be tightened in case of especially joints are manufactured or not with the help of visual inspection. These joints manufacturer of tension control bolts will be clearly checked out at regular intervals through visual inspection only. When you are going to install it with a certain space limit, there are huge varieties of tools that are easily available in the market to complete the task easily. There are shear wrenches which are electrically designed that has no impact would not encounter risks essentially for vibration syndrome resided with the hand-arm side. Actually, this single shear wrench with its number of dimensions is installed easily with the help of socket change according to it perfect size respectively.

Advantages of using TCB’s

Drawbacks associated with these TCB’s;

  • There is also a drawback with these TCB’s; there will be a slight tension which is raised in the joint that may not lose accordingly to vibration respectively. There is no requirement of additional locking elements and there will no occurrences of risks encountered during bolt relaxations as well in the period of it tightening stage.
  • Moreover, the manufacturer of tension control bolts is widely popular among different customers in terms of its utilization respectively.

Advantages of using TCB’s;

  • There is no existence of air compressors and it is very easy to install quickly as well. There is a decrease in maintaining tools performance. Here there is no necessity of torque wrenches. Actually, these bolts are utilized in terms of shear and tension as requirements.
  • The prior advantage is the existence of electrically designed shear wrenches which are especially no impacted. Added by a single person is enough to install these TCB’s respectively.
  • Even though it resides with consistent tension while tightening joints according to with the vibration point of view especially during the installation process is going on, these bolts do not encounter any risks as the step by step procedure of installation will be tackled by visual inspector effectively.


Hence TCB’s installation is very easy and especially helpful in the replacement of high conventional grip bolts respectively.

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