Art has been an escape and a retreat from the reality of life for artists. They have provided a means of processing pain, joy, and every other emotion and state of being. One of the most known artist these days is Loris Gréaud. He is great in the art of filmmaking. He is a French artist whose works are best and fantastic. His projects became well-known in the art industry.

Famous Media Art Artist

Louis Greaud has merging and exciting projects. He is a well-known artist of art and media. He is famous for his creative and well-approached artwork. He is likewise great in filmmaking, drawings, and sculptures. He is from France and globally known and popular artist of his time. With his innovative thinking and pure work, he arises in the media industry.

Famous Media Art Artist

  • In 2004, his career started to be successful. He receives his first personal exhibition at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paris-Cergy. He received the Paul Ricard Award as a young French artist. He then developed his international career, after having exhibited many projects. He went to exhibit in ICA in London, The Swiss Institute in New York, and The Centre Culturel Français in Milan. He then proceeds in The Galerie Esther Schipper in Berlin.
  • In his school days, he is capable of thinking creatively and arts. In his educational career, he received awards and start his professional career life. This thing saved his time and made his career valuable and influential to others.
  • He attained education from the best universities. During these days, he showed up that he is good and is capable of making fine arts. These enormous doesn’t come with only getting an education but from his hard work. He started his practice by own research and interest without other influences.
  • He works a lot and studies the field of art before he rose to fame. As a professional, he meets popularity due to his hard works. He is now a well-known professional architect and famous sculpt maker. With his ability of filmmaking, he became the global artist of his time.

In short, he meets his fame and popularity thru hard work. Loris Gréaud refers to his artistic process as an “empirical machine.” On some of his projects, he often collaborates with engineers, architects, and musicians. He always explores the philosophical notions of time. He played on a grand scale. At age 29, he takes over the entire 40,000 square feet of the contemporary art space Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The installation went on an international tour making stops at cultural institutions.

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