Is collaborative work all that good?

Is collaborative work all that good?

Say you work at home, it can get pretty boring sometimes, you’re all by yourself, and sometimes it’s good. But sometimes you also want the connection of people, be surrounded by them. So what can you do to be in a more open environment? Well you could try a coworking space.

What is this?

It’s basically a location where people can gather in a quite room and do their individual work. There are plenty of locations and these rooms could also be structured to fit your requirements. One of the companies that offers this is called Centennial, they provide what you tell them to. Basically it is home away from home situation.

Why choose them?

Now before we take them into consideration, a coworking space is beneficial to people because it provides them with a collaborative workspace that many can’t have. And you should choose Centennial because they provide tons of services, when working with them it allows you the chance to expand both your personal and business networks. Plus they have Wi-Fi, and telephones ready for your usage. Also they have staff at hand to help you with any issues you have.

What does it cost?

The price of this will be based on hourly basis, for 2 hours, which is the maximum it would cost $290, which is $180 per hour. You could also measure it on minutes, that is per minute block is $15. But you can also get a package which is $500, and it comes with all the resources you need to work with.

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