In the world of vast internet, everything is changing so rapidly that makes this world looks so small. Over past 20 years, much new technology has been evolved but the kind of impact social media has on the human being is just amazing.

This pace of change in social media sites is increasing day by day.  Development in the field of mobile technology is also helping in shaping the world in a new world. One can clearly observe that people are meeting more or social media than in real life.

mobile technology


Across the globe, mobiles are dominating time sharing of people. Everyone needs at least a phone because this has become a lifeline for a human. A data report says that use of mobile phones has gone up to 90% in some countries.

With the increase in mobile devices and daily development of new social media making people their part of life compulsory to spend time on these sites daily. Social sites like Instagram have emerged recently which is used to share photos and increase followers. There are some specialist persons who master in increasing their followers, generally, we call them followers guru.


Many interesting studies is done by developed nation on social media to know the opinion of people regarding their on social media. Some interesting facts are here to know why using social media is good for a human.

  • As we know social sites have made the world look so small, this help in raising any strong cause people feel about and can spread very quickly on around the globe.
  • Some valuable information reis share and 4% of that are related to influence of products.
  • Great work ethics or great person photos are shared to show who theyare and what they have done for society.
  • Sometimes followers guru types of people share some photos to grow a sense of responsibilities towards society.

Sometimes sharing is done to involve participant around the world to make them feel what is happening around the world.


Social media is used nowadays in politics, business, cultural events, etc to improve awareness in human. A new study says that about 62% of people today are getting news from social media sites.     In comparison to others, social media has an important role in developing the mindset of society either in negative or in positive ways. Its impact can be observed as almost three-quarter of whole world’s population are using Facebook and other social media handles.

Posted by:Helen Keller