How Yes Storage fulfills your needs?

How Yes Storage fulfills your needs?

Try this box storage to shift your valuable things from one place to another. Yes Storage are the leading storage providers of their kind of industry who had been fulfilling the needs of more than 10,000 Hong Kong households since 2006. Check the further details about this on demand storage which is most liked by Hong Kong residents as best box storage. In these boxes you can store your clothes, books, other electronic appliances and so on.

What is the mode of its working?

You can order them online or make a phone call to book your order. They will drop your chosen empty boxes at your door step. After this they will fill your valuable goods into these boxes and secure in their warehouse. Get your boxes back when you need them. This storage provider not only provides you storage but also gives you logistic and customer service. Recently they got linked up with SAP to provide best service to their growing customers and which eventually increases the growth of their transportation team.

This service provider has strong impact on the residents of Hong Kong and was also awarded by Hong Kong Brand Development Council as “Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand” in 2012. They are even awarded with Employer Retraining Board Manpower Developer Award in 2013.

How efficient is their service?

Yes Storage is one of the most trusted storage service providers that is helping the residents of Hong Kong since 2006. You can select anyone of their contract plan which might be for 12 months or 24 months that includes set of storage boxes, to store your goods and transport the same. In today’s world it is not that easy to trust anyone when dealing with your own goods, but Yes Storage is one such solution that satisfies all your needs in the following ways:

  1. They work round the clock and take necessary climate control measurements of your valuable goods.
  2. They are having their own Professional warehouse (G4S) and security system (SAP).
  3. They ensure your goods safety from free water and covers fire damage insurance.
  4. They seal each of your boxes with protective clothes.
  5. Their highly professional team members help you by take the initiation of transporting your goods at your desired spot.


Don’t waste your time in searching your goods carrier. Select this Yes Storage with just one click to book your boxes with this service provider. Please enter your details that include your Name, Contact details, Email-ID, your purpose of order and source of order. Your valuable goods will be transferred with full safety precautions from this service provider. Avail the benefit of booking this on demand storage provider by simply sitting at your home as it is one of the best leading companies in Hong Kong. Sign up for a contract and experience their hassle free services. But you need to pay extra charges on length of your contract if they exceed the duration. You can do your payment either by cash, check, credit card or through easy monthly installments.


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