How  To Create Effective Explainer Videos

How  To Create Effective Explainer Videos

With the dawn of social media, video marketing has become a huge trend. Videos have been proven effective in engaging customers and prospects. They have become even more popular with the proliferation of mobile devices and faster Internet. Unfortunately, many businesses avoid video marketing because they think it is expensive. One of the best ways they can get started with video marketing is by creating explainer video for business. This type of video marketing is perfect for solo entrepreneurs as well as for big companies. Here are some tips to get you started with creating effective explainer videos.

Get Inspiration From Other Videos

Watch explainer videos that other businesses have created, whether in your industry or not. Watch it several times and dissect essential elements. What was the content of the video and how was it shared? Likewise, pay attention to other details such as the lighting, angles, cameras used, music, and graphics.

Tell A Story

explainer videos for business

For your video to be effective, you should tell a story. Start with a good concept. For example, show a problem that many of your customers have. From there, create explainer videos for business showing how your product or service solves it. Explainer videos are also great for products that need to be demonstrated in order for customers to appreciate.

Keep It Simple

Explainer videos do not have to showcase your entire product line. Choose one storyline per video. Be concise. Keep it to less than three minutes or one minute if you can. Avoid using lots of props or complex sets.

Create a compelling introduction

The first few seconds of your video is crucial. Right off the bat, the entire video must arouse the interest and excitement of your viewers. Failure to do so may translate to a large percentage of your viewers clicking off in 10 seconds.

Focus on your product’s mission

Your video should highlight on product benefits. Avoid overt sales pitches. Your video should appeal to your customer’s needs and desires. Your explainer video should be an extension of your brand voice, tone, and style.

Where will you put the video

With more people watching videos on their mobile device, make sure that your video will display well on mobile devices. Put it on YouTube, embed it on your homepage, link it to email, or share it on social media.

Invest on DIY Gear

Nowadays, video editing applications are easily accessible. Most late model DSLR cameras can shoot high-definition videos or better. The latest models of mobile phones now also have high-quality video capabilities designed for creating online videos.

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