If we speak of beauty and durability, granite is always included on the list. Granite is an igneous rock that is formed when the magma or molten rock is forced in between other rocks inside the earth’s crust after it undergoes crystallization deep in the underground as it cools slowly, it forms large crystals that we see that are being mined.

A lot of other igneous rocks are incorrectly formed just like a granite, and basically, granite has a randomly scattered crystal of an accurately equal amounts of plagioclase and quartz with some of it are K-feldspar and hornblende or mica crystals are formed together with it as it melts and turns into the final form that what is now known granite.

When it comes to the amount and deposit of granite in the earth, actually it is remarkably abundant considering that the earth’s continental crust is made up of granite which is the foundation of the cores of the continent. In fact, in North America, the surrounding landscape around Canada’s Hudson Bay all the way to South Minnesota is made up of granite bedrock, and these are very old since the dawn of time.

Granite is considered a precious rock and is highly used for different purposes, in fact, it is used as countertops in kitchens, discounted MSI quartz, used as tiles in-house, even dimension stones, gemstones, and in sports, it is used to make curling stones.

smooth texture and design

Granite is a very diverse type of stone because of its wide range of uses. For thousands of years, people use granite regularly as part of their daily lives, it could either be used for construction purposes, for dimensioning for architectural purposes, or for decorative purposes.

In construction, granite is widely used in constructing buildings, bridges, monuments, paving, and for exterior projects because of its durability and its appearance won’t fade and wear out in a very long time and given the fact that it produces a very elegant impression and quality, no wonder it is highly used in many purposes.

For some, granite is considered a prestige material that is used in many projects to produce elegant and quality products but the majority of it is used for construction purposes just like a granite building stone.

Granite blocks are used to construct a building to get that rough and smooth finish and accent and get that elegant look and have to yield a tightly fitted joint but with a rough surface texture, that adds more beauty to the building.

Granites are also manufactured as tiles and are often used as flooring and for wall panels, to also achieve that elegant and a very high-lustre space inside a building. The stones that are used to make these tiles are called gabbro which is named by geologists but nevertheless, it is still a granite. These tiles have also other functions, it can also be made into a countertop either for kitchen or for other purposes because of its sturdy and smooth texture and design.

In major construction projects, granites can be used in two distinctive ways, one for structural element while the other one is for a decorative element. Granite is truly a remarkable type of rock which we can use in different ways.

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