Giving You The Most Accurate Results Of Lie Detector Test

Giving You The Most Accurate Results Of Lie Detector Test

With a client-focused approach, the company provides you Lie Detector Test across the UK. To ensure that the delivery is at the most accurate results, the company uses the modern and best polygraph equipment available and upgrade the devices regularly.

The Kind Of Questions That Can Be Proposed

It’s not about opinions or beliefs and normally takes the format of being about contact, the degree of contact and where possible to name any specific third party from where the suspicion has arisen. An example that can be discussed is historical issues where over a number of years or something which occurred at the start of a relationship. Questions need to be closed-ended. Depending on the complexity of the subject matter and the particular examinee to be tested, the test can last up to two hours. You will be asked up to 8 questions and 1-3 of it is specific to the incident, and the time period or event and the rest will be test questions to work out your metrics and behavior to build up the profile of you.

obligation of lie detector test

The Pre-Test Interview

The total time for lie detector test to complete all aspects can be up to 2 hours on the day of the test. An accredited examiner will meet you first and then both parties can be in attendance for lie detector test and there will be a detailed pre-test interview where all the aspects and details of the relationship issue will be discussed. Any questions that you wish to have asked or proposed in the booking process will be discussed and the examiner will work through the wording and context to make sure they are specific, close-ended and then support an accurate test and infidelity resolution.

The Verdict And Reports

The obligation of lie detector test is to provide the results in all instances to the client who made the booking on completion of the test and if results are conclusive straight away. The results can be disclosed to both parties and they are provided shortly after the examination verbally only if your happy to do so. The charts, transcripts, and video recordings need to be analyzed to make sure to provide you with accurate results with all of the reports and with any critical life matter. The company will then send you the fully verified report by the next working by post or by email only if requested and all of the reports are fully verified by a second examiner.

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