Gears Worn By Navy SEALs

Gears Worn By Navy SEALs

Brandon Webb Navy Seal is one of the members of the military that have followed the right ethics and proper code of conduct when it comes to clothing and accessories to be worn. Not just these, but he has also adhered to the tenets of which gears or weapons to carry during the wars. These are among the major reasons why he has succeed in various steps in the field, and is still being recognized by history even until today.

Gears and accessoriesBrandon Webb Navy Seal

This article will discuss various gears and accessories, as well as inspiration taken from these equipment that have been previously worn and used by Navy SEAL members including famous ones like Brandon Webb Navy Seal chief. These individuals make use of an array of specialized tools whenever they enter into a mission. These can also lie valid for their apparel which is always an important part of every mission. These people have an incredible line-up of apparel that is set according to their operations where they embark upon.

Highly functional wear

The design philosophy read, “In order to establish the best hermetic seal possible for the Sea Wolf, the engineers created a special back for the casing, a longer stem sleeve, several new types of gaskets, and a rounded crystal sealed in plastic. Throw in radium hands and dial for greater visibility and you’ve have a diving watch used by amateurs and professionals, including military members such as the Underwater Demolition Team and US Navy SEALs.”

These versions of the Super Sea Wolf were the ones popular among the U.S. Navy Frogmen, the U.S. Navy SEALs and the Naval Special Warfare. Furthermore, the newly launched Sea Wolf a few years ago is a bit larger than the previous variations at 39-mm. The dial of the new model has large triangle indices and a stainless steel bezel. Acrylic inlays in various colors are seen on the bezels of the new watch versions.

In summary, the Zodiac Sea Wolf has had a series of variations from pre-launch times to its climactic moments from the 1950s to the 1970s, until manufacturers made the present-day re-launching of new models from the vintage versions. It has not died in production but in fact still piques several interests until today.

Brandon Webb Navy Seal


It is no secret that from the weapons to the clothing, including automobiles used, that these Navy members are among the strongest bunch of soldiers in the world. Pressure in the water has always been different from pressure in land and on air.

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