There is no a job too big or too small for a reputable plumbing company that practices honest and quality service to their customers; sounds very good to hear right? But the truth is, there are a lot of plumbing companies out there that don’t practice this kind professionalism anymore, most of it is just here for money making, leaving their clients dissatisfied by providing poor service.

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I’m not saying all plumbing companies have poor services, there are still those who lived up to everyone’s expectations and all you need to do is make some little research and background check before you decide which one to hire if ever you encounter some leaking from your bathroom pipes, or have a plan to install new bathtubs or sinks in your house.

When it comes to plumbers Cardiff has a lot of it but it is important to narrow down the list of prospects that you want to hire to ensure yourself that the plumber that will do the work is capable to carry out the job.

When searching for a plumber or a plumbing company around your area, you should always know exactly what you are looking for. A lot of these plumbers and plumbing companies claimed themselves as the best in their field but we’re not sure about it so here’s a short list of the things you need to ask from a plumber before you hire them.


Plumbers just like other professionals underwent intensive training and schooling before they land their job. Plumbers also go to plumbing school where they earn a license to do their jobs especially if they are part of a plumbing company. If your plumber can’t show a license you should already think twice. However, there are some plumbers who do not have licenses but earned their reputation through experience but it’s better to vigilant at all times.


We can’t tell when accidents will happen and the best thing to ask them is if they are insured or covered by their company’s insurance? The last thing you could ever think of is paying the hospital bills if there’s an untoward accident happens.


Being a plumber needs a certain set of skills but not every time skills are that useful. Sometimes the best skill is through experience that is why you should choose a veteran plumber over a rookie who just started his job. It’s not discrimination but assurance that the plumber will do the job quickly and efficiently and has more knowledge in the more complex aspects of plumbing.


If you have chosen a plumbing company, then you should start asking people who have tried hiring them before. Ask them how was the service, the rates and the efficiency of their work; it’s being too paranoid but it is better to choose the best out there rather than settle for anything less.

Posted by:Helen Keller