ARC Systems Inc – The Best Manufacturers Of Electric Motors

ARC Systems Inc – The Best Manufacturers Of Electric Motors

If you are in need of electric motor or other motion control solutions that are designed and built to meet precise criteria that you are looking for, one of the best companies in New York is here to help. ARC Systems Inc is one of the most popular experienced manufacturer of electric motors and other parts according to your needs. If you are interested to know about what this company can offer, then this article is for you.

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The Products And Services From ARC Systems Inc.

Through the past 4 decades, ARC Systems Inc have earned their reputation because of the quality, reliability, and the world-class service that they offer. So when it comes to motion control products, the company has everything to offer. So here are the most popular products that ARC Systems Inc has for you:

  • Brushless DC. Compared to the unbrushed DC, the brushed DC from ARC does not have the brushes that will wear out eventually. This is the much-preferred choice because it can prevent sparking and can contribute to the longevity compared to the brush-style motors.
  • AC Induction. The company offers single-phase and three-phase induction motors that are often called “workhorse” motors. These are of high demand in applications for aerospace, defense systems, and vehicle. These are also used in elevators, railroad, hydraulics, pump, petroleum, oil drilling equipment, and so much more.
  • Motor Tachometer Generators. ARC Systems Inc provides the best designs and also manufacture the best motor generators to different industries like the military, aerospace, and other commercial industries all around the world.
  • Stator Rotor Kits. Their unique manufacturing processes and internal capabilities allow them to provide low-cost solutions when it comes to stator rotor kits. The company builds print or custom windings.
  • Freight Elevator. The company designs, builds, and replace freight elevator motors to any commercial industries who are using freight elevators. The company has been producing world-class quality freight door motors and freight gate motors since the 70’s.
  • Military and Aerospace Motors. Motors that are used in defense and aerospace applications need to be a combination of highly durable materials and skilled, precision engineering for a reliable performance. These should be designed and built meticulously since these often face demanding conditions at air, land, and sea.
  • Industrial Rotor Castings. The company offers only high-performance squirrel cage rotor castings as raw castings or as machined on a shaft. Their unique casting technique is enabling them to custom fabricate AC rotors using different kinds of the alloy.
  • Casting For AC Servo Motors. The ARC’s line of AC servo motors is specifically designed to meet the requirements of MIL-S-22432 and also the SAE ARP-497. These ranges from the sizes 8 to 23. The company has been manufacturing AC motor for almost 50 years for the aerospace industry.

For over 4 decades, the company has been designing and manufacturing the best motion control products. These are used in different markets like the Aerospace, Military, and other commercial applications. The company is known to provide customers with everything that they need when it comes to electric motors.

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