All The Available Modules Of Boom Beach Helps In The Gameplay


There are different prototype modules associated with the game which are very useful and you can obtain them as and when required by you. You can obtain such modules when you win attacks and battles, by destroying any base of the mercenaries, troop or blackguard base and much more. Such prototypes are considered to be rare item as you do not receive them often.  With the help of these modules you can play the game better and worry less about the management of resources which you can do effectively and easily with the help of the collectibles that pops up from time to time or use the boom beach hack tool to generate whenever you feel any shortage of it.

For Proper Defense And Meltdowns

During a war there are many things that have to be taken into consideration and these prototype modules solve a majority of such considerations while playing Boom Beach game. The critical fuse is a prototype which prevents any critical meltdown and is used to build a prototype defense in the weapons lab. You can also use the complex gear to build any complex gear or weapon in the weapons lab. The power rod helps you to store all your power in a rod and this module is also used to build prototype defenses in the weapons lab.

Resource Base Tips

A resource base in Boom Beach game is an added base which provides with a particular but necessary resource which is to be used for upgrading in the game. There are several such resources bases which provide different resources and you would find all when you explore the Archipelago. You can obtain more than one resource bases and can even see even the top of any outpost and that too through the clouds. There is no resource base which offers gold which you can get only from villages that are freed.

Types Of Resources

The type of the resource base would determine what kind of resource it would deliver when you play Boom Beach game. You can have wood which is a very useful resource from the trees that are in your base and which you are allowed to harvest. You can follow the map and use radar to see the farthest pint to see the available resources and then harvest it from there. There are different types of resources required in the game like wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond as well.

Few Defensive Tips

When you have conquered a base you should not be complacent as chances are there that the previous owner can claim it back and attack back and that is the uniqueness of Boom Beach game. Your troops also do not get consumed until they die and there is a medical kit to heal them as well. Resource buildings cannot be upgraded by a player as it happens only when the entire base changes hands. There are some events which can be played every day and get great rewards for you when you defeat certain stages of such events which occurs in a specific event cycle.

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