Alexis Assadi: Shaping the Next Gen of Investors

Alexis Assadi: Shaping the Next Gen of Investors

With thoughts of semi-retiring at the age of 28, Alexis Assadi was not some billionaire’s heir. In fact, he belonged to a relatively middle-class family with parent who worked real hard to give the best to their family. Alexis built his investment portfolio through years of practice and refinement of his skills. It took great risks, but he was not one to back down at any point. Unless it involved subjects that sparked his interest, he wasn’t that great a student. In fact, he admittedly made several mistake over his entire career. However, investing was something that he always wanted to do and he did not stop until he became the best. Now it’s time to give back.

Sharing His Thoughts Through Blogging

Over the years, Alexis spent valuable time sharing his thoughts on investments and investing. He shared various tips on investment which have apparently helped a lot of people in the industry. Basically, Alexis looked at investing not as a job, but as a form of craft. It was something that he always loved to do. Hence, he excelled in it. Through his blog, he was able to share his experiences with other people who are just as inclined to investing as he is, but are afraid to take this necessary risk. Blogging was also his way of destressing.

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While in college, he started investing in mutual funds. There were obviously ups and downs, but he didn’t give up in the process. As soon as he realized that his investments were not doing that great, he started researching and studying the different types of investment opportunities available to him. What initially started out as a hobby became a quest for financial freedom.

Mentoring Fellow Investors

Alexis nor runs a mentorship program on financial investing. It has around 100 enrollees already and is still growing as time goes by. He also founded around 9 companies to date, including Pacific Income LP and Assadi Capital Partners.  He personally wanted to help out small and local businesses grow through various types of investments like real estate, direct investment, and loans. As an expert in due diligence, his partners are in awe of his particular attention to detail. He readily accepts failure and welcomes success at the same time.

Of course, success can never be guaranteed if you don’t want to take the risks necessary. Alexis Assadi realized this early on and this has become the driving force in his quest for financial freedom. It would take not only months but years before you see the difference. However, with dedication and hard work, you can succeed in time. Just like Alexis Assadi.

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