10 Best Recumbent Bikes for Exercise

10 Best Recumbent Bikes for Exercise

Exercise in comfort! Stationary recumbent bikes are the gentlest and comfortable of all exercise bikes. Unlike upright stationary bikes that can be rough on your body, the best recumbent bikes have chair-like seats with comfortable cushioning and great lumbar support and assistance.

Following are the 10 best recumbent bike reviews for excercise:

1. Diamondback 510SR

Recumbent bikes, although generally simple and normal at their core, come with plenty of room for improvement. Diamondback 510SR has pretty much filled out all of that space and area. As of right now, this is one of the most capable and trustable bikes in the market.

2. NordicTrack Commercial Vr21

When it comes to higher end bikes, NordicTrack has proven and shown to be one of the brands to reach the top of the list.

3. Xterra SB2.5r

Xterra SB2.5r is about as good or even better as it gets when you need to squeeze the most for your money. On top of that, SB2.5r also brings and gets some pretty awesome solutions which you don’t see too often even though they are fairly important

4. Schwinn 230

Schwinn 230 is one that stands amazingly out. You could say that it merges the upper segment with the more affordable and catchy category of recumbent bikes.

capable and trustable bikes

5. Nautilus R614

Nautilus is a well known name in the complete world of fitness gear.

6. Stamina Elite Total Body

Compared to other models on our list, Stamina Elite Total Body recumbent bike’s different to say the least and is best. What makes it so different is the fact that you have both foot pedals and hand pedals, which is amazing.

7. Exerpeutic 4000

Those who want the benefits of a computer controlled recumbent bike, but are working on a tight or shortage of budget a will be happy to learn about the Exerpeutic 4000.

8. Goplus Magnet

Goplus Magnet is a representation of what a simple and les cost budget recumbent bike should look like. It’s all about the core performance and getting you the best bang for your buck in all.

9. Marcy ME¬709

Marcy is another well known and very famous name in the world of affordable fitness equipment. Their recumbent bikes offer a great combination of performance and comfort, which has earned them a good reputation till now.

10. ProGear 555LXT

Looking at the most affordable and inexpensive recumbent bikes shows that there aren’t too many models which make the cut. One that does this amazingly is ProGear 555LXT.

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